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Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Knitting Trends

After a gruelingly hot summer it's a comforting thought that sweater weather is soon here. Like clockwork, Garnstudio has published first images of the new fall and winter patterns and are asking for you to vote your favorites. Here are my top 5 trend picks from their latest collections.

Oversized & cropped sweaters.
Oversized & cropped sweaters.

1. Cropped & dropped

Spring and summer fashion already saw the trend for cropped, yet oversized garments. The trend continues in fall fashion: I'm seeing lots of sweaters that hit just at the hip bone or even higher.

Dropped shoulders are also a hit this season. Outrageous statement sleeves are mostly gone — although they do pop up again here and there — but otherwise there are lots of comfy and baggy sweaters with lots of room and little shaping.

Lots of cables.
Lots of cables.

2. Cables galore

Cables are again hot this fall! They always seem to subside for the warmer seasons but come autumn, cables are back in vogue. Lots of cabled pullovers and cardigans on the DROPS patterns.

Photo of a cabled sweater with dropped sleeves, big honeycomb cable, and a mock turtleneck.
My favorite design from the entire fall/winter line-up is this honeycomb cable sweater.

This wheat-colored number knit in DROPS Wish with a massive honeycomb cable on the front is my favorite. It combines a lot of the trends this season: oversized, mock turtleneck, cables, and dropped shoulders. What more could you want?

In this season: mock turtlenecks.
In this season: mock turtlenecks.

3. Mock it to me

New this season: mock turtlenecks. There are quite a few full-on doubled-over polo necks in this year's collection but even more mock turtles to keep your neck covered in the colder weather. Is the classic crew neck on the way out?

Also in: an understated polo neck sweater.
Also in: an understated polo neck sweater.
Sleeveless sweater vests and tanks.
Sleeveless sweater vests and tanks.

4. Vest-iges of fashion

The sweater vest was a high-fashion item last fall and the trend continues. There are lots of sleeveless garments in the collection this year, much more than I've seen in previous fall & winter line-ups. It makes sweater knitting a whole lot faster when you don't have to deal with the second sleeve syndrome... or any sleeve, for that matter!

Knot headbands
"Look ma, I made one in every color!"

5. Knot your average headband

Another massive hit is knitting groups over the past year was the knot headband. DROPS have caught onto the trend and are offering not one, not two, but five different looks on this trendiest of accessories. Ribbing, lace, brioche, bouclé, or even crochet — you've got plenty to choose from.


Speaking of sweater weather: The Woolly Thistle's fourth annual fall sweater KAL starts soon! Use the coupon code TWTSWEATERKAL2021 to get 20% off all my sweater and cardigan patterns. The coupon is valid in my pattern shops on Payhip and Ravelry (seizure warning) until the end of August 2021.

Check out more information about the sweater KAL on The Woolly Thistle's Instagram or Ravelry group (seizure warning). And you can take advantage of the sale even if you're not planning on joining the KAL. 😉


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A look at Garnstudio's latest knitting pattern collection reveals some knitwear trends for Fall and Winter 2021-2022. Based on my trend watching, the five big knitwear trends you need in your Fall & Winter 2021/2022 wardrobe are oversized, cropped sweaters with dropped shoulders, lots of cables, polo necks and mock turtlenecks, sleeveless sweater vests, and knot headbands. #knitting #knit #knittingpatterns #trends #trends2021 #trends2022 #sweatersforwomen #cables #yokes #knitwear

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Michael Hood
Michael Hood
Dec 16, 2023

For designers, this is very useful information. Since many of them are always trying to keep up with the times. I also follow fashion. And I want to share with you fall 2021 color trends I'm sure you will be interested. In my opinion the colors are chosen perfectly.

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