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Spring/Summer 2021 Knitting Trends

Twice a year Garnstudio publishes a new knitting pattern collection. They have just released the photos for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 designs which provides a peek into the current knitting trends. Let's see what's on offer this summer.

Here are five knitting trends for Spring and Summer 2021.

1. Boxy and Cropped

Garment silhouettes this spring and summer are going to be very short, yet oversized. I'm seeing lots of voluminous sweaters with quite a lot of positive ease but the lengths are very cropped, evoking in some sense a 50s and 60s design aesthetic. The more cropped, the better seems to be DROPS' motto for the summer — in some cases even mid-drift baring.

2. Lots of Lace

Cable is to fall what lace is to summer. Summer garments always tend to be more open and airy and this season's Garnstudio collection is certainly no exception. Full-on lace, lace details, lace sleeves, yokes with lace, crocheted lace — they're all heavily featured this summer. And it makes sense: it's comfortable to have some ventilation in your sweaters during the warmer months.

3. Fluff Is In!

Brushed, bouclé, or blown yarns made with mohair or silk mohair have been hot (literally!) for a few years now. No need to put them away just because it's summer! The Garnstudio collection features lots of garments made with these fluffy yarns. Some are quite dainty and feminine, again bringing to mind that fifties aesthetic. But some can be quite stuffy and bulky.

Speaking of yarn trends, the habit of knitting with two (or more) yarns held together continues in this collection although understandably in a lesser degree since they're summer garments. I predict we'll see much more of those in the fall...

4. Going Sleeveless

Sleeveless vests were a hot commodity in the winter and this trend continues in the summer in the form of tank tops, tees, and spaghetti straps. There's an usually large amount of designs in the Spring/Summer collection... or maybe I just haven't paid attention to them in previous years? Whatever the case might be, the cutest thing to knit yourself this summer is a short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, or entirely sleeveless tank or cardi.

5. Statement Sleeves (Again)

And at the same time: huge balloon sleeves are making a comeback. (Not again!) They were gone for a couple of seasons but DROPS seems to be bringing them back — with a vengeance. Although they might be on point when you consider the trend for oversized and boxy garments, they certainly don't make sense from a practical point-of-view.

Color Considerations

Just like last summer, the Garnstudio color palette for this spring and summer is very soft, muted, and pastel. Lots of powdery pinks, beiges, muted mauves, burnt siennas, and seafoam greens. Didn't they get the Pantone memo on nineties' neon?

Are you a fan of the new collection? Vote for your favorites on the Garnstudio website.

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