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For All Eternity

That's how long it took me to knit these socks: an eternity. Well, not really. Just a year... but that's an eternity in knitting time! These are pair #2 of my Evighet socks.

Evighet :: sock knitting pattern

There's quite a bit of a varied background to this sock pattern. And they didn't even start off as socks! Originally I'd submitted a design plan for a pair of mitts and a beanie to the Spring 2019 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. Those patterns were not accepted and I let the idea slip my mind. This was in fall 2018.

Six months later. In February 2019, Laine was looking for patterns for a book that eventually became known as 52 Weeks of Socks. I revived my design plan but turned it into socks this time. My pattern made it to the final rounds but eventually was not accepted in the book, either. Wah-wah. The idea was again buried in the back corner of my hard drive.

Evighet :: sock knitting pattern

Fast forward to December 2019. I was approached by the Finnish crafts magazine Suuri Käsityö to design a pattern for their Designer Sock column. And I had just the thing all charted out. What remained was just typing up the pattern (no biggie) and knitting a sample pair (more of a biggie). That pattern came out in March in the 3/2020 issue of Suuri Käsityö.

Skip ahead again. It's now May 2020 and the pattern rights revert back to me. I re-published the Evighet sock pattern in two languages and decided to arrange an Evighet KAL. Eagerly I joined the knitalong, too, but being a perpetual KAL dropout I should've known where this was headed. One heel in and my enthusiasm fizzled out. There were shinier things waiting to be knit so the socks lingered on and on and on...

Evighet :: sock knitting pattern

After finishing the Linnaea Socks I was in a mood for more sock knitting. I pulled this lovely green pair out of hibernation. It must have taken me all of two nights to finally finish the pair. Like I said: an eternity.

This pair was knit with two skeins of Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash 75/25, colorway #116. Or what was remaining of it; I'd already dipped into this yarn with my Spring Folly socks. And that pre-dipping meant I wasn't able to make the legs quite as long as I'd wanted to. The pattern calls for four repeats in the leg but I was only able to eek out 3½ before starting the cuff.

Evighet :: sock knitting pattern

Speaking of the pattern, I've now updated it with all-new photos and a fresh layout. The pattern for the Evighet socks is available in my pattern shops on Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry (seizure warning).

Get 20% off the pattern price using the code EVIGHET20 until the end of the month. Share your socks on Instagram with the hashtags #evighetsocks and #talviknits.


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Evighet are a pair of fingering-weight toe-up socks with a delicate and timeless stitch pattern. A stockinette toe gradually transforms into a stitch pattern with tiny buds surrounded by wavy twisted stitch columns. Evighet socks come in three sizes (62, 66, and 70 sts) with both written and charted instructions. The pattern is written with both metric and US terminology. #knitting #knit #socks #sockknitting #knittingsocks #twistedstitches #toeup

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