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Linnaea Socks

When designing and knitting the sample for the Linnea Mitts, I became enamored with combination of the beautiful Wool Me Once Fibers merino sock yarn and the slip-stitch cable pattern used on the back of the mitts. Wouldn't they go well together in socks, too? As luck would have it, I had just enough of the gorgeous yarn remaining for a pair of summery socks.

Linnaea Socks :: sock knitting pattern

Linnaea Socks are a pair of cute toe-up socks knit in fingering-weight yarn. The dainty slip-stitch cable pattern that plays a small part in the mitts is now used throughout the socks. The slipped stitches create a lattice effect that’s both quick to knit and easy to memorize. After a few cable twists you won’t even need a cable needle. Both written and charted instructions are given in the pattern.

What's with the extra 'a', though? Two reasons. 1) The colorway I used and the plant it's named after, Linnaea Borealis, derives it's name from the famous 1800th century botanist, Carl Linnaeus. (It was his favorite plant.) 2) There already is a pattern called Linnea Socks, designed by Kajsa Vuorela Fredriksson, and I didn't want the hashtags for the two to get mixed up. Her socks are stunning, by the way!

Linnaea Socks :: sock knitting pattern

To knit the Linnaea Socks you need one skein or approx. 300–390 m (or 330–430 yd) of fingering-weight sock yarn. Light-ish colors are ideal to show off the patterning. The slip-stitch pattern works well with both solid and semi-solid colors. But, in my opinion, this is one of those rare cases when the pattern is at its best when knit up in a variegated or color-changing yarn. If you're tired of knitting just vanilla socks with variegated yarns, give this pattern a go! The slipped stitches weaving back and forth give a textural interest to any yarn.

Linnaea Socks :: sock knitting pattern

To reinforce the lattice look, Linnaea Socks have an Eye of Partridge heel flap that's done with slipped stitches alternating places on every right-side row. This is another stitch pattern that works extremely well with variegated yarns. The heel construction is my favorite, the tried and true Widdershins Revisited heel that I use in all my sock patterns.

The cuff of the socks are done in a (mostly) two-by-two twisted rib that emerges seamlessly from the slip-stitch pattern. And I say "mostly" because in some sizes it's tweaked a little to get the stitch count come out even.

Linnaea Socks :: sock knitting pattern

Linnaea Socks come in three sizes: S, M, and L or 60, 64, and 68 stitches. In addition, both foot and leg length are adjustable within pattern so you can really customize the fit to your (or the recipient's) feet. Right and left socks are identical and can be worked two at a time.

With this sock pattern I tried something a little different: beta knitting. Beta knitting is no- or low-commitment test knitting. The pattern was free for anyone to try in my Mighty Networks community during the month of May. I then tweaked and revised the pattern based on beta knitters' feedback, and it's now out with hopefully all the kinks worked out.

Linnaea Socks :: sock knitting pattern

The pattern for Linnaea Socks is now available in my pattern shops on Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry (seizure warning). Share your creations with the hashtags #linnaeasocks (mind the extra 'a') and #talviknits. If you were one of the beta knitters, check your Rav or Instagram messages — there should be a coupon code waiting for you!


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Linnaea Socks are a pair of cute toe up socks knit in fingering weight yarn. A dainty slip stitch cable pattern creates a fun lattice effect that's both quick to knit and easy to memorize. After a few cable twists you won't even need a cable needle! The pattern is ideal for variegated yarns but works equally well with solid or semi solid colors. The socks come in 3 sizes (60, 64, and 68 stitches) with adjustable foot and leg length. #knitting #knit #socks #sockknitting #toeupsocks #toeup

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