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New Knitting Books for Spring 2021

Spring is not prime knitting season, that much is obvious from looking at the meager selection of knitting books coming up the next couple of months. From the short, one-page list of upcoming knitting titles on Amazon, I've chosen an even shorter list of my favorites.


Scandi Colorwork

Colorwork still reigns supreme, there's no denying that. This season the Icelandic lopapeysa gets a fierce competitor from Norway: on the list are no less than three titles featuring Norwegian-style colorwork motifs.

Three book covers featuring Norwegian or Scandinavian colorwork knitting.
This spring's trendiest colorwork patterns are in the Norwegian style.

Nina Granlund Sæther's Knits from Around Norway rounds out a trio of colorwork books, continuing on the heels of Mittens from Around Norway (2017) and Socks from Around Norway (2019).

Jenny Alderbrandt's Winter Knits from Scandinavia features 24 patterns for hats, mittens, and socks. Monica Russel's Nordic Knits for Children focuses on kids' patterns for the ages 3 to 9.

Two book covers for knitting stitch dictionaries.
Lace and other stitch patterns are featured in this spring's stitch dictionaries.

Stitch Dictionaries

As a designer, I'm always interested in new stitch dictionaries. There are two coming up this spring — sort of.

280 Japanese Lace Stitches, from Nihon Vogue, continues in the same vein as Hitomi Shida's Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. The second one is not technically a stitch dictionary but could be used as one. 60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares, published by Sixth & Spring, includes patterns for 12 x 12" blanket squares featuring knit-and-purl textures, lace, cables, and more.


There's one more upcoming book I want to highlight and that is Sascia Strohhammer's Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond.

This collection of 20 projects from knitting blogger and environmentalist, Epipa, shows you how to knit more sustainably. With this practical guide you can learn how to make your knitting more environmentally friendly by choosing the most eco friendly yarns [...] as well as tips on how to reduce your yarn footprint.

I've become more and more aware of the yarn choices I make in my patterns and have pretty much ditched superwash yarns in the past couple of years. If you want to dive deeper into sustainability in knitting, check out my Pinterest board Sustainable Knitting.

Which book are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments!


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From the short, one-page list of upcoming knitting titles, I've chosen an even shorter list of my favorites. In the list is Scandinavian and Norwegian style colorwork knitting motifs, stitch dictionaries featuring knit-and-purl textures, lace, cables, and more, and sustainability in knitting from environmentally concious knitting projects to reducing your yarn footprint with sustainable, eco friendly yarns. #knitting #knit #knittingtrends #knittingbooks #yarn #sustainability

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