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Soft Spots

January frost nipping at your toes? Not in these socks.

Soft Spots are a pair of toe-up socks with a simple and graphic colorwork design: polka dots. This colorwork design is very easy to memorize and doesn't contain long floats. Worked in sport-weight yarn these socks are super warm and cushy — not to mention very quick to knit!

Soft Spots :: colorwork sock knitting pattern

The socks are worked in two-color stranded colorwork with contrasting toes, heels, and cuffs. For my sample pair, I used Tukuwool Sock (80% wool, 20% nylon, 160 m/50 g) in the colorway Repo (dark orange) for the main color and the undyed Sake for the contrasting color.

Soft Spots :: colorwork sock knitting pattern

Couple of clever tricks make sure the socks fit really nicely. Gusset increases are hidden away on the bottom of the sole so the colorwork design is not interrupted on the front. And doing increases for the heel this way makes a perfectly heel-hugging cup that is really nice on the foot.

Soft Spots :: colorwork sock knitting pattern

Have you ever tried on colorwork socks you're working on only to find out you can't get them on? I know I've had that happen countless times. In Soft Spots, stitches are increased above the heel flap to ensure the socks go smoothly over your heel. But only on the back leg so that — again — the polka dot design on the front flows seamlessly.

Soft Spots :: colorwork sock knitting pattern

The socks come in two sizes: 48 and 64 stitches. The stranded colorwork pattern is charted only. Right and left socks are identical so you could work them two at a time — just beware of yarn tangles!

The pattern for Soft Spots is now available on Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry (seizure warning). Join my mailing list to get 15% off the pattern price!


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Soft Spots is a knitting pattern for toe up socks with a simple polka dot colorwork design. Gusset increases are hidden on the bottom of the sole. Stitches are increased above the heel flap for better fit. Toes, heel flaps, and cuffs are worked in a contrasting color for bright color pops. These colorwork socks are knitted from the toe up in two colors of sport weight sock yarn. The pattern comes in two sizes. #knitting #knittingpatterns #talviknits #stranded #colorwork #socks #sockknitting

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