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Starvine Mitts

It's the beginning of February and you can already see the days getting longer and lighter. It might not be spring weather yet but that's not far away! Fingerless mitts are, in my opinion, the perfect early spring accessory: they keep your hands warm but not stuffy in the bright sunlight glinting off melting snow.

Starvine Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

Starvine Mitts are a pair of fingerless mitts with a delicate and ornamental vine motif done in colorwork, like Victorian gold filigree. The colorwork pattern is easy to knit but following the charts requires a bit of concentration. Right and left mitts are mirror images of each other, and the pattern includes separate charts for each hand.

Starvine Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

A long cuff knitted in twisted rib ensures the mitts fit snugly and warmly around the wrist. And because stranded knitting always pulls in, stitches are increased just before the colorwork part for a comfortable fit around the palm.

Starvine Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

The mitts have thumbs gussets with the vine pattern continuing into the gussets and up the thumb as well.

Starvine Mitts are knitted in two colors of fingering-weight yarn, Tukuwool Fingering. They are quick to knit and don't require much yarn so you'll be able to stash dive or use leftovers from other projects.

Choose two colors with a strong contrast to really show off the colorwork pattern, such as a light color on a dark background, or vice versa. For my sample pair, I used the colorway Haave (a dark eggplant-y purple) for the main color and Valo (a murky yellow) for the contrasting color.

Starvine Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

Starvine Mitts are now available on Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry (seizure warning). Join my mailing list by February 14, 2018 to get 15% off these mitts!


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Starvine Mitts are a knitting pattern for pair of fingerless mitts with a delicate vine motif in colorwork. These mitts are knitted from the cuff up in two colors of fingering weight yarn. The fingerless mitts have gusseted thumbs with the colorwork pattern is incorporated into the gusset increases. The mitts are finished with twisted ribbing on top. #knitting #knittingpatterns #talviknits #stranded #colorwork #fingerlessgloves #fingerlessmittens

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