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Ending 2021 with a Bang

Three bangs, actually. As promised: 3 new patterns to end the year 2021 with! (If you're on my mailing list, you've already seen these.)

Emerald Twist :: headband knitting pattern

Emerald Twist

After finishing Emerald Chain, I had a bit of yarn left over from the two green contrasting colors. Looking around for a little quick knit to make with the leftovers, my thoughts landed on a easy colorwork headband. Too straightforward? Throw in a couple of cables and turn it into one of those high-trend, super-popular knot headbands!

There's a good reason why colorwork and cables don't usually mix. In Emerald Twist the colorwork is super simple: every fourth stitch on every fourth round is knit in the contrasting color. This dotted colorwork pattern is called lusestrikk or lusemønster, and it's commonly seen in traditional Norwegian or Scandi-style colorwork patterns.

Each cable twist is actually done on a one-color round. You can forget the colorwork for a while and just focus on the cables! The pattern comes in two variations: with single (like in the purple & pink sample) or double cable twists (emerald green & mint sample) on the center front. Both variations are just as easy to do; there's just more cables in the double-twist variation.

Emerald Twist :: headband knitting pattern

The headband is knit in the round but sideways, starting with a provisional cast-on in one end. The two open ends are grafted together seamlessly using Kitchener stitch in the round. The size is fully customizable. Gauge is not terribly important as you'll be able to adjust the length as you go.

Emerald Twist is ideal for stashbusting. The pattern uses just small amounts of fingering-weight yarn in two colors. To knit the pattern you need about 150 m (or 160 yd) of the main color and 30 m (or 35 yd) of the contrasting color. For the green & mint sample I used Kaarama Rauni Single (100% non-superwash wool, 210 m/50 g, 230 yd/1.76 oz); for the purple & pink one Retrosaria Mondim (100% non-superwash wool, 385 m/100 g, 421 yd/3.53 oz).

You can get Emerald Twist free when you purchase it with Emerald Chain! No coupon code needed: just add both patterns to your Payhip or Ravelry cart and check out.

Wintermint Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

Wintermint Mitts

On to the second pattern. Wintermint Mitts was the 2021 Christmas present to my mailing list subscribers.

These sweet little fingerless mitts are made of lace and twisted ribbing. The rhythmic, repeating lace pattern on the back of hand is quick to memorize. You're essentially repeating just the same two rounds over and over again. The palm side, thumb gusset, and thumb are worked in stockinette, making these mitts simple and fast to knit. Instructions for the lace pattern are given in both charted and row-by-row written format.

Wintermint Mitts :: fingerless mitts knitting pattern

Wintermint Mitts take just a small amount of fingering-weight yarn. The pattern is great for those precious one-off skeins or even leftovers from other projects. For my delicate Frozen-esque aqua-colored mitts I used less than a skein of Jalovilla Vuona (100% non-superwash wool, 205 m/50 g, 224 yd/1.76 oz). The pattern comes in 4 sizes (50, 54, 58, and 62 sts) to fit from kids to large adults. To knit the mitts you need approx. 135–210 m or 150–230 yd of fingering-weight yarn.

If you're not yet on my mailing list, you can get a 25% off discount on the pattern by joining by the end of the year 2021.

Wintermint Socks :: sock knitting pattern

Wintermint Socks

And lastly, a pair of matching socks for the mitts: Wintermint Socks.

Doing the Linnaea Socks beta knit last summer was so much fun, I thought it would be nice to brighten up this omicron-filled, dreary winter with another sock event. Wintermint Socks will go in an open beta test on New Year's Day!

On the foot and leg, Wintermint Socks feature the same rhythmically repeating lace pattern as seen on the mitts. The cuff and heel flap are done in twisted ribbing. Purl ridges accent the transition from lace to ribbing or vice versa.

This lacy pair of socks is worked from the toe up. The socks also come in four sizes (58, 62, 66, and 70 sts) with adjustable foot and leg length. To knit this pattern you need approx. 260–425 m or 280–465 yd of fingering or light fingering-weight yarn. For my sample pair I used Adlibris Socki Fine in the colorway Sea Green.

The upcoming beta test is open for everyone and free to join during January 1–31, 2021. Finish your socks and submit feedback about the pattern by the end of January and you'll get a free copy of the final sock pattern and a 30% off coupon to my pattern stores on Payhip or Ravelry.

Join the beta test in my Mighty Networks community or Ravelry group starting tomorrow!


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In my final blog post for 2021 I introduce three new patterns to end the year 2021 with. Emerald Twist is a fun headband that combines cables with easy colorwork. Wintermint Mitts are delicate fingering-weight fingerless mitts featuring lace and twisted ribbing. Finally, Wintermint Socks, a lacy pair of toe-up socks to match the mitts. Join the free beta test for Wintermint Socks starting January 1, 2022! #knitting #knit #talviknits #fingeringweight #sockknitting #stranded #colorwork #lace

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