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Willowbug MKAL Giveaway

Willowbug MKAL is now halfway through! Three out of five clues are out with two more waiting in the wings to be released over the next two Mondays.

How about a little giveaway to chase away the midway malaise? Read on!

A couple of weekends ago I met with Anni-Maarit, the dyer extraordinaire behind Adelia Fibers whose yarn I used for the sock pattern, and she suggested a yarny giveaway for Willowbug MKAL participants. Unfortunately given the state of the world and the high rates of international postage, that giveaway (which is going on in my Instagram) is limited only to MKAL-ers in Finland.

So as not to leave out our international participants, here's another giveaway just for you!


30€ gift card to my pattern shop on Payhip or Ravelry. 💸💸💸


Share a photo of your Willowbug MKAL socks in the comments to this Mighty Networks post.

If you can't quite finish your socks, no worries! You can still participate but make a reasonable effort: a picture of just a skein of yarn won't do but any in-progress shots of your socks are eligible for the giveaway.


Post your photo on Monday, June 5 at the latest. That's one week after the last clue of the MKAL comes out. I'll randomly draw one lucky winner on Tuesday, June 6.

If you're new to Mighty Networks, please wait a while to get access to the community. All new members need to be approved manually.

Happy knitting and good luck in the giveaway!


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Willowbug MKAL is now halfway through: three out of five clues are out with two more waiting in the wings to be released over the next two Mondays. To chase away the midway malaise, here's a little gift card giveaway! Share a photo of your socks on Mighty Networks for a chance to win a 30€ gift card to my knitting pattern shop. #knitting #knit #mkal #giveaway

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