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My 2021 Knitting Stats

Let's take one last peek into the knitting year 2021. Here are my highlights from the previous 21,900 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months.


In the year 2021, I completed 21 projects and knitted 8.9 kilometers (around 9,800 yards) of yarn. My biggest project in terms of yardage was Emerald Chain with 1,231 m (1,326 yd). That was also the second slowest project I completed, taking 164 days to knit.

The smallest knit was the purple sample I made for the Emerald Twist headband; it took only 119 m (130 yd) of yarn. The quickest was the green sample of the same headband with only 6 days from casting on to completion. And 4 out of those 6 days were spent on trying out different cable combinations until I landed on one I was happy with (and which made it into the pattern).

Like last year, the longest project was again a pair of socks. The second, green pair of my Evighet socks took over a year (381 days), a small eternity in knitting time. The twist of irony here is that the word 'evighet' means eternity in Swedish...

A photo of a crocheted blanket in yellow, green, and beige colors.
My work-in-progress Faith blanket CAL in retro seventies colors.

This year I managed to finally complete the d'Histoire Naturelle crochet blanket (designed by Christina Hadderingh) that I'd already started in 2020. That netted a total of 4.5 km (2.8 miles) of crocheted yarn! And I started another crochet blanket, Helen Shrimpton's 2021 CAL Faith. I was chugging along nicely and kept up with the schedule up to Part 6 (of 8)… and then life intervened. Something to look forward to finishing this year.


In 2021, I released 12 new knitting patterns: 4 accessories, 3 garments, 3 socks, and 2 shawls.

Höyhensaari was published in the TAITO Christmas special issue and will be available for individual purchase in February when the right revert back to me. Linnea Mitts were released as part of the Kässäkirstu subscription box and will be available for everyone else in May 2022.

The most-knitted pattern this year were the Linnaea Socks with 215 Ravelry projects and 143 uses of the hashtag #linnaeasocks on Instagram.

The most popular pattern title goes to Briochepira Cowl with over 1.2K hearts on Ravelry. My personal favorite? It would have to be the stranded colorwork pullover Terho.

Mighty Networks logo


In 2021, I wrote 27 blog posts. The Top 3 most-read posts were:

An Easy Trick to Remembering M1R and M1L Increases

An Easy Trick to Remembering M1R and M1L Increases (published February 2021) with 7.3K views,

Knit&Note, a New Knitting Notebook App

Knit&Note, a New Knitting Notebook App (October 2021) with 4.6K views,

Smooth Moves: Improving SSK, SSSK, and CDD Decreases

Alternative Social Media Sites for Knitters

The longest post with over 10K characters, 1.7K words, and a reading time of 7 minutes was Alternative Social Media Sites for Knitters. That was also the fourth most-read post so it seems like people were interested in finding a Ravelry replacement. Will we see a viable one in 2022? Time will tell.

How was your knitting year 2021? What plans do you have for the new year? Let me know in the comments!


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Let's take one last peek into the knitting year 2021. Here are my knitting, designing, and blogging highlights from the previous 21,900 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months. How many kilometers of yarn did I knit? And how many new patterns were released in 2021? Which were the most read blog posts? Find out in this post! #knitting #knit #knittingpatterns #blogging #knitdesign

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1 Comment

Penny Hill
Penny Hill
Jan 17, 2022

Thank-you for your inspiration through the year. 2021 went very strange for me as I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. After knitting 2 very different Hibernia beanies (one in pink acrylic with sparkle, one in Little Grey Sheep sea colours) I spent most of the year knitting my Mum Hinterland for her 80th birthday with many pairs of simple socks in between. For 2022 I am going to knit your Oolong shawl for myself with some yarn a friend spun from me from fleece we selected together at Little Grey Sheep company. I am also delving into fibre processing with two > 800g bags of alpaca blanket (a gift from my alpaca-keeping uncle). I've washed and hand-carded the…

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