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New Knitting Books for Spring 2022

Spring — the days are getting longer and warmer. Soon you can take your knitting outdoors. What a great time to be alive! Not a great time to be publishing knitting books, apparently. This quarter's batch of new knitting books from Amazon doesn't exactly excite me but here are a few that I'm mildly lukewarm about.


Noro Returns?

When I started knitting seriously at the turn of this millennium, Noro yarns and pattern booklets were a big thing. Their slow, often surprising gradient colors and unconventional fiber combinations (wool, silk, and mohair in the same yarn? practically unheard of at the time) were a big hit among trend-conscious knitters. Even I caught the noro virus — as it was playfully called — and knitted a pair of two-row striped socks in Kureyon Sock. (Didn't everyone?)

Timeless Noro: Knit Shawls feels like a blast from the past. And in a sense it is: most of these patterns have already been published before.

Combining the most popular shawl patterns from Noro magazine and the Knit Noro book series with several brand-new and exclusive designs, Timeless Noro: Knit Shawls boasts 25 patterns that are fashionable, diverse, and fun to make. Including a range of skill levels, constructions, and styles, this pattern collection has something to entice and engage every knitter. [...] Using only Noro yarns, every single one of these shawls is a feast for the needles, the body, and the eyes.

While Noro never went entirely out of mode, it's certainly fallen off my radar. Timeless Noro: Knit Shawls is slated to come out on April 5, 2022.

Conscious Crafting

Sustainability, mindfulness, and slow living have been big even long before COVID hit but everyone being homebound over the past two years has heightened these trends even more. And what would be a more perfect example of slow making than knitting? The latest book to come out in the the Conscious Crafts series is Conscious Crafts: Knitting by Vanessa Koranteng and Sicgmone Kludje, founders of the UK-based Black Girl Knit Club.

The co-founders of the Black Girl Knit Club, Sicgmone Kludje and Vanessa Koranteng, have curated 20 modern makes, ranging from plant pot cosies to throws and snoods, to introduce the basics of knitting. Covering fundamental stitches and techniques including casting on, knit, pearl [sic] and moss stitch, Sicgmone and Vanessa show how these can be adapted for different projects as well as repurposing used textiles into your own upcycled yarn, all whilst embracing the restorative benefits of craft.

The previous installments in the series focus on pottery, quilting, and whittling. The release date for Conscious Crafts: Knitting is April 12, 2022.

They Fall Like Dominoes

As a knitting geek, I'm endlessly curious about new knitting techniques. Despite knitting for over 25 years, there's still plenty of techniques I haven't tried. Like domino knitting, the subject of Vivian Høxbro's Knitting Handbook.

Vivian Høxbro, a Danish knitting expert with decades of design experience, takes the principles of domino knitting and applies them anew, with striking, dynamic results. Dive into quick, straightforward lessons for knitting endlessly adaptable design elements, one for each of eight classic, fundamental shapes that can be worked in repeating rows to create just about anything. From stripes to squares, circles to shells, learn the basic shaping technique with a practice swatch, and then test your skills with dramatic designs, including jackets, vests, shawls, scarves, pillow covers, and more!

Anything you find interesting in this batch of books? Let me know in the comments!


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What new knitting books are coming out in Spring 2022? Timeless shawl patterns knit in colorful Noro yarns, conscious knitting projects using repurposed textiles and upcycled yarns with Black Girl Knit Club founders Sicgmone Kludje and Vanessa Koranteng, and the domino knitting technique applied to 8 basic shapes with Danish knitting guru Vivian Hoxbro. #knitting #knit #knittingtrends #knittingbooks #knittingpatterns #knittingbooks

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