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New Knitting Books for Summer 2023

Summer is always bit of a dry spell when it comes to new knitting book releases. Here are a few soon-to-be-here arrivals that I piqued my interest in the upcoming titles on Amazon.


A Hands-on Approach

Let's start with accessories for the hands. This first book comes from Latvia via Japan. Motoko Ishikawa, known on Instagram as @mitten.ya, is a Japanese graphic designer who's been knitting since the tender age of 5. She first encountered Latvian mittens in 2007, started a mitten shop in 2011, and has now written an entire book about this traditional style of colorwork knitting.

Focusing on triangular mittens, there are mittens with original traditional patterns such as forests, flowers, animals, snow and also hand warmers, hats, mufflers, and other items that you will want to wear. This book includes detailed graphic instructions to help you master basic mittens such as braided patterns, picot knitting on cuffs etc. The knitting patterns all in colours are easy to follow in the book.

Knitted Mittens from Latvia is set to come out on September 1.

The next book handles gloves. (Can't stop the puns!) Angharad Thomas is an academically educated knitwear designer, researcher, and textile archiver who specializes in gloves. Her new book, A Knitters Guide to Gloves, is a comprehensive resource on the subject, covering glove construction, design, and personalization. With this book you can also delve into the history of traditional knitted gloves from Yorkshire and Scotland, illustrated with rare examples from museum collections.

A Knitter's Guide to Gloves introduces several construction techniques, alongside the possible materials and tools that are suitable for knitting the gloves you want. A chapter on design guides you through adapting and customising your glove knitting before outlining how to go about designing from personal inspiration. […] Includes step-by-step photos guide those new to knitting gloves through the key points of glove construction and making your first pair. Five further glove patterns then give a choice of styles to knit, from a plain pair through to colourworked gloves of varied complexity.

Get your hands on gloves on August 1, 2023.

The Art of Colorful Shawls

Bärbel Salet is a renowned German designer with over 20 years of experience in fantastic colorwork creations. Previously the patterns for her breathtaking triangle-shaped colorwork shawls have only been available as kits through the website For the first time, Knit Artistic Shawls offers 15 of them in book form for a larger knitting audience.

Watch an artwork grow on your knitting needles... The colors, the patterns, the size – just about everything about Bärbel Salet's colorwork shawls is magnificent. Bärbel has been designing shawls for more than 20 years – up until now her patterns were only available as part of knitting kits including the wool. In her first book she makes her intricate designs available to the broad knitting world. Step by step she guides the readers through finding an combining the right colors and knitting these beautiful works of art.

Knit Artistic Shawls: 15 Special Colour Work Designs comes out on the brink of fall, September 1.

Stash Appreciation

The last book is not a knitting book in the conventional sense. It's a book about yarn, how to manage your yarn stash, and how to go from stash guilt to loving your stash. But it does come with new 10 knitting patterns intended for stashbusting and using leftover yarns.

Every knitter knows the innate joy of purchasing yarn, and many also know the stress and shame that comes with an out-of-control stash. No longer! Let bestselling author, designer and educator Marie Greene change your outlook on buying, organizing and using your yarn for good. With this tried-and-true guide, you’ll rediscover the joy in your stash ― no yarn diets necessary! ― as you learn to find inspiration in the yarn you already have, shop for skeins you’ll actually use and organize it all for maximum creativity.

Marie Greene's The Joy of Yarn revolutionizes your stash management starting September 5.


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Discover the upcoming knitting book releases for Summer 2023 with this blog post. Dive into the art of traditional colorwork mittens from Latvia with Motoko Ishikawa, master glove construction and design with Angharad Thomas, create Bärbel Salet's breathtaking shawls with intricate color patterns, and discover the joy of managing and utilizing your yarn stash with Marie Greene. #knitting #knit #knittingbooks #knittingpatterns #colorwork #yarn

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